Periodontal Plastic Surgery

If you feel that your teeth are too short or your smile is too “gummy”, periodontal plastic surgery can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. A procedure known as dental crown lengthening is done by a surgeon who will work to remove excess gum tissue and bone to expose more of the surface of the teeth. This results in a larger and brighter smile. In some cases, crown lengthening is required if dental work needs to be done underneath the gum line, like a crown procedure or a filling.

Dental crown lengthening can be done to just one tooth, especially if it is needed for a specific procedure. It can also be done to all of the front teeth to expand the smile and make it appear larger. Our office can consult with you to determine if periodontal plastic surgery is the right choice for you. For most patients, this procedure is quick, easy and has a relatively fast healing time. Whether the procedure is needed to improve your smile or for another dental appointment, periodontal plastic surgery is an ideal way to quickly change your appearance for life.